Detoxifying on the Cellular Level with True Cellular Detox

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Detoxifying on the Cellular Level with True Cellular Detox

Many people are aware today of our ubiquitous exposure to toxins. They are everywhere - the air we breathe, the toys our kids play with, the water we drink, the food we eat - toxins are everywhere. Heavy metals, carcinogens, endocrine-disruptors, and more. These toxins enter our body and we are naturally detoxifying all the time, but we are also exposed to so many toxins that we become overburdened and the toxins begin to store in our cells - fat cells, bone cells, and most importantly our brain cells.

These toxins damage us on the cellular level by creating oxidative stress and inflammation, which affect our cell membranes and our crucial mitochondria - which leads to disease processes like hormone imbalances like thyroid and adrenal issues, diabetes, weight-loss resistance, even dementia and cancer. These toxins store in our cells, and the most dangerous toxins can store in the brain tissue and affect the hypothalamus and pituitary, which act as the control tower for your hormones - thyroid (energy and metabolism) hormones, adrenal (stress) hormones, and sex hormones.


I often hate the word “detox” because people associate it with a 10-day cleanse or a daily drink they take to help their body “detox”. While it is absolutely true that your body is detoxifying at all times, and that those things can be supportive, they absolutely do not solve the real problem of toxins storing at the cellular level and wreaking havoc on your health. In order to truly detoxify, it takes a more comprehensive system to get to the cellular level.

3 Necessary Components of Cellular Detox:

1. The 5 R’s of Cellular Healing

  • R1 - Remove the Source

  • R2 - Regenerate the Cell Membrane

  • R3 - Restore Cellular Energy

  • R4 - Reduce Cellular Inflammation

  • R5 - Re-Establish Methylation

2. Open and Support Downstream Detox Pathways





3. Use True Binders to Remove Toxins



3 Phases for True Detoxification:

1. Prep Phase - Prepare the body. Strengthen and upregulate cellular detox mechanisms and downstream detox pathways to prepare the body to mobilize toxins

2. Body Phase - Remove toxins at the cellular level in the body to set up a concentration gradient

3. Brain Phase - Remove the deepest toxins stored in the brain affecting the hypothalamus and pituitary and impacting downstream hormone regulation.

So What Does the Program Include?

Supportive Supplements

True Cellular Detox is a supplement program that we offer that provides supplements for 90 days to support your body on the cellular level, including cellular membrane support, mitochondrial support, glutathione support, methylation support, and more. Instead of taking 8 separate vitamin pill bottles home and having to keep track of dosage (take 2 of these in the AM, 1 of these in the PM, etc), you get a box that includes all your supplements in an easy-to-take packet for your Prep Phase, Body Phase, Brain Phase.

Online Educational Portal

Along with the supplements that support your body on the cellular level, you get access to a special online portal that coaches you through cellular detox and healing. This includes a learning curriculum with 6 modules, Advanced Strategies to take your detoxification to the next level, and around 30 articles on various topics like Thyroid and Toxins, Brain Health and Toxins, Glyphosate on our food, and many more.

Along with the supporting videos and articles there is also a 90-day Meal Plan following a Cellular Healing Diet including shopping lists and recipes for the whole three months!



Why You Still Don't Feel Well

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