Could It Be Your Thyroid?

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Could It Be Your Thyroid?

Understanding your thyroid function can turn you from a passive patient in the medical system to an active health detective looking for root cause of your symptoms.

PODCAST METAPHOR: Placing an Amazon Order

You are the cell, Amazon is the thyroid, and you need to place an order to burn fat and produce energy. You need your package delivered, which is active thyroid hormone (T3). The purchase is considered successful when your package gets into your door and into your hands, but there are many steps necessary to make this process successful.


-       You place an order, which is TSH (“Hey, Amazon, I need some energy hormones!”).

-       Amazon ships your package as inactive thyroid hormone (T4).

-       This package (T4) needs to be picked up by a delivery driver to become “active” (T3).

-       Delivery driver delivers “active” (T3) package to your door.

-       Package needs to get inside the house (T3 uptake).

-       Reverse T3 is a thief who steals packages off doorsteps.


-       Amazon could mess your order up - wrong package, wrong address, etc

-       The Delivery Driver could mess up - pick up the wrong package, wrong address, etc

-       You could be gone for a long time and the package doesn’t get into your house

-       Thieves could steal your package off your doorstep

If your package doesn’t make it to you successfully, you have to look at each step to find out where the mistake happened!

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